Client Reviews

Heidi is smart, intuitive and tender. She has the knowledge and skill to probe gently yet thoroughly in order to uncover the underlying causes of marital stress and distances. I believe her sincere interest in people and compassion for their pain is key to her success in providing healing therapy. Without taking sides, she knows how to enlighten both people and help them realize that the dance is reciprocal and never one-sided, while providing realizations to each person’s piece of the puzzle, helping them be aware of where the breakdown occurs so they can create a shift in behavior. I can’t say enough good things about Heidi! She is an expert who also lends warmth and true caring to the process.
— Former Client
(Heidi) really connected and cared about the things we were sharing and took the time to dig deeper and create ways for us to work better together.
— Former Clients
We both agreed that one of the biggest areas we’ve shifted is in our family dynamic
— Former Clients
Heidi received one of the most dynamic and heart-felt appreciations from a couple that I have ever witnessed. The couple mentioned that while they have had other therapists in the past, they have never felt as changed and improved as they have in their work with Heidi.
— Joanna Stratton, Regis Clinical Supervisor