Heidi Knapp MA, MFT


Welcome. I'm so glad you've landed here.

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My name is Heidi Knapp, and my passion is facilitating connection and healing between partners and family members. Even when life circumstances seem to be conspiring to pull you apart, and communication has become empty and painful, there is a path back.

I began pursuing my calling as a couples and family therapist in January 2013, after a 17-year business career in outdoor publishing. I provide couples and family therapy in Boulder, CO. My specialty is helping couples and families restore a sense of emotional connection as they move through life's challenges. Along with my masters degree in marriage and family therapy, I bring empathy and insight gained through 15 years of parenting a special needs child and 19 years of navigating the unpredictable waters of marriage.

I strive to create a space for people to heal and grow. My practice is anchored in emotionally focused therapy (EFT), a proven method of facilitating couple connection and relationship repair. My dedication for couples and families fuels my continued training and research into effective, evidence-based methods that foster change. 

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I am committed to pursuing therapy that will help ease your distress and tension. The methods I use also have the potential to impact the underlying negative dynamics that have ensnared the most important relationships in your life.

This is your journey. My hope is that we'll work together so that you can find the connection and understanding you're seeking.