Areas of Specialty


Areas of

Couple Disconnect:

Learn to grow as a couple when life circumstances and communication difficulties have pulled you apart.

Becoming Parents:

Honor both the blessings and relationship challenges of this major life transition. Embrace healthier relationship dynamics to bring you close

Affair Recovery:

Is this the end or a new beginning? Begin walking your path toward healing.

Children that Challenge the Couple:

Deepen your relationship and learn healthy coping strategies when parenting a high needs or special needs child (ADHD, ASD, developmental difficulties etc.)


Premarital Counseling:

Celebrate and orient around your strengths while acknowledging relationship patterns that could use a tune-up.

Parents of Young Children:

Attend to your marriage amidst the family juggle. Bring intention to your interactions.

Parenting Adolescents:

Address the triggers and circumstances that can drive a wedge between you two. Get back on the same team.

Managing Multiple Life Changes:

Gain the clarity of seeing the forest for the trees as you face complicated circumstances and stressful family dynamics.